59th Wedding Anniversary!

Rob and Rita, Anniversary Gondola

Wednesday the 15th of May Gondola Paradiso was fortunate to have a
wonderful couple out for their anniversary.  It was a special night, they
were celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary.  All of us here at
Gondola Paradiso want to wish Rob and Rita May a happy 59th and we hope to
see you again next year!

The May’s had the fortune to have their anniversary land on a rare day.
One where you get both the sunset and the moon rise.  After a record
breaking 102F degree high for the day the weather cooled off to a lovely
70 degrees.  We watched the sun set as we headed around Coral Island.  On
the way back we had a perfectly timed moonrise amongst the palm trees
between two of the condo buildings.  The photo does not do the scene

Happy Anniversary Rob and Rita!

Moonlight Gondola Cruise

Another beautiful gondola cruise here in Channel Islands Harbor.

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  1. Somerset Wedding Gal says:

    How lovely, happy anniversary to Rob and Rita!

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