Examiner.com profiles Oxnard and Gondola Paradiso

Susan Montgomery, Examiner.comSusan Montgomery of Examiner.com recently spent some time with us.  Ms. Montgomery was in town to visit Oxnard again.   The article she wrote is called Oxnard Revisited, Better Than Ever.  Oxnard is profiled so beautifully and the article includes 20 photos from restaurants and places around our town.

We are delighted Ms. Montgomery had a wonderful time with us.  She wrote:

Gondola Cruise via Gondola Paradiso

A highlight of my Oxnard visit was cruising through the picturesque Channel Islands Harbor on a real Venetian gondola called Gondola Paradiso. Entrepreneur Mark Schooling has brought this serene form of water travel to Oxnard and it’s the perfect way to see the boats in the harbor and the lovely homes on the shores. For a few moments, we felt transported to Venetian canals, although I believe the water is more sparkling and beautiful in the Oxnard harbor. As we relaxed and savored the scenery, we sipped wine and savored a very nice lunch supplied by a restaurant on the shore called Fresco II. Mark even serenaded us with a lovely rendition of “Blue Moon.” (Moonlight gondola cruises are also available.) To make reservations, call 805-612-4475.

Please go to Examiner.com to read the full article.  She really does showcase Oxnard into a beautiful town that it is.


59th Wedding Anniversary!

Rob and Rita, Anniversary Gondola

Wednesday the 15th of May Gondola Paradiso was fortunate to have a
wonderful couple out for their anniversary.  It was a special night, they
were celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary.  All of us here at
Gondola Paradiso want to wish Rob and Rita May a happy 59th and we hope to
see you again next year!

The May’s had the fortune to have their anniversary land on a rare day.
One where you get both the sunset and the moon rise.  After a record
breaking 102F degree high for the day the weather cooled off to a lovely
70 degrees.  We watched the sun set as we headed around Coral Island.  On
the way back we had a perfectly timed moonrise amongst the palm trees
between two of the condo buildings.  The photo does not do the scene

Happy Anniversary Rob and Rita!

Moonlight Gondola Cruise

Another beautiful gondola cruise here in Channel Islands Harbor.

Listen this weekend on….

This coming Saturday Gondola Paradiso will be featured on the Tom and Sandy 805 show.  The show airs on KVTA 1590 on Saturday mornings from 7am to 10am.  Tom and Sandy will be interviewing the owner, Mark Schooling, about the gondola service.  Tune in to be a part of the conversation, then call Gondola Paradiso to make a reservation!

Also…if you see our rolling billboard, honk to say “Hi”

Gondola Paradiso

A Little Thanks

Oxnard Newest GondolaI wanted to take a moment and say thank you to the people that helped move Teresa up to the Channel Islands Harbor on the 11th of January.

First of, thanks Chris and Amber. You have done a wonderful job restoring Teresa. She was a beautiful boat from the beginning. Although, after over 20 years in storage she needed some love to get back into shape and you gave her the attention she needed. Everyone who sees her glide down the canals around Coral Island has given me compliments on how great she looks.

Bepi, Thank you for asking to come along. At times when I had a moment I looked your way and it made me smile. I could see you were enjoying the experience. In part because it was fun to watch. On the other hand because all you really had to do was watch and not worry about the boat, the trailer or any of the rest of it all. It was great to have you and everyone else along to see Teresa move to her new home.

Konnor, it was good to see you come along. I know things ran smoother with the move because you were there. You and Greg made a great team. I am still looking into your suggest shipping method for the new batela that is being built in Washington State. If it happens I will let everyone know it was your idea.

Gondola, teresa, Oxnard, Channel IslandsLast but not least, thank you Greg, I can’t say that enough. I need to move the gondola, I thought of who might be interested in helping out. I figured that you would want to see Teresa and I figured you would come up to see the location sometime. Your self diagnosis of gondola psychosis is well know. With this knowledge I figured I may as well roll it all into one trip… and have you bring Teresa with you. It was very good to hear when you said that you would be willing to move the boat with me. It was a smoother loading and hauling then anyone could hope for. Teresa got on the trailer smoothly and quickly. I found it funny that every time I tried to tie things down with a bungee cord you gave me just enough time to figure out it was not going to work and then walked up and put on a zip tie on 2 seconds. Your experience in moving gondolas showed.

I think it is a testament to everyone evolved how smoothly everything went. Everyone showed up not only to move the gondola, but also to get the chance to row her for a while. By the end of the day I leaned everyone was there for another reason, to help a friend.

So, to Greg, Konnor, Bepi, Chris and Amber, thank you for all of your help. Moving a gondola can be a stressful and frustrating day, but for
me it was not. You all helped to make Teresa’s move a quick, painless and successful experience.