Thank You Gondola Greg!

As Gondola Paradiso has been coming together behind the scenes.  After months of planning it’s just about to open.  This is an article posted on his blog.  This blog posting shows the true camaraderie of the Gondola community.

Gondola Paradiso launch date

Posted on on Saturday January 11, 2014….

Today I got to be part of one of the most significant events in the
gondola business: The launching of a new operation.

The players are all people I’ve known for many years, but the boat and the location are both new and exciting.

Today, Mark Schooling (one of the hardest working gondoliers I know) launched a gondola business of his own in Channel Islands Harbor – a popular waterway in Oxnard, California.

The spirit of camaraderie among gondoliers and company owners is one of my favorite things about operating in Southern California; a few of us were there to lift, move, drive, launch, toast and row. It was a truly great day.

There’s lots to talk about: The man, the boat, the location, and the friends who were there, but it’s been a long day and I’m exhausted.

So for now, I’ll just register my congratulations to Mark, and say thanks for letting me be part of such a big day.

Printed by GondolaGreg on January 11, 2014